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Veerle Van Canegem has a fulltime job and 3 children. She discovered her passion for cycling 4 years ago, when she rode the Eurovelo nr. 6 with her husband, who was already a passionate biker at that time. For 4 weeks Veerle and her husband biked along the route that goes from France to Croatia, from one chambre d’hôtes to another. In the beginning, Veerle used her husband’s old cycle. But meanwhile she has bought her own tailor-made bicycle.

Shared passion

After climbing the famous Stelvio, Veerle became passionate about cycling. In 2015, she completed many rides of the Proximus Cycling Challenge, went on a cycling holiday to Calpe and finished the Maratona des Dolomites in Italy – her personal highlight. In 2016, Veerle wants to ride the Grand Fondo of St. Tropez, the Amstel Gold Race in Maastricht and the 1000 kilometers against cancer. She likes to take part in organized rides, certainly when charity’s involved in some way.

When travelling, Veerle always takes her bike. She and her husband often plan a cycling holiday. “When riding your bike, you’re in the middle of nature. It’s like a totally new world opening up for you. It’s nice to have a shared passion as a couple. Me and my husband stimulate each other to push our own boundaries. When biking, I empty my head and I get to know myself. My goal for 2016 is to keep challenging myself.” 

Women having fun

Many women are cycling nowadays. “Once their children grow older, women have more time and lots of them then decide to go cycling. Many new friendships arise on the bike. I really like to go cycling with women. We have fun and feel pain together, which creates a unique bond. On the bike no one can hide she’s having a bad day. But we take well care of each other on the road. We’re in this together, you know. And the chitchatting after our rides – the so-called “after-bike” – is at least as important!” 

Veerle about being a model for Little Black Bike:

“I think it’s cool to be a model and I feel flattered that Angélique cast me as a sporty woman who knows what she wants. I’m not a perfect mannequin but that doesn’t matter at all. I feel good so I look good. Having a comfortable and fashionable cycling outfit is very important for women. That’s why I fully support Little Black Bike!

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