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Busy bee Sylvie De Baerdemaeker has always been a sporty woman. When her 3 children had grown up, she suddenly had plenty of time to go sporting, so she started cycling in 2013. Today cycling has become an essential part of Sylvie’s life and she can’t imagine a life without her dearly beloved bike. It’s the reason why she recently started a new project: a mobile vintage coffee bar/bike shop “Ride on Coffee”.

The joy of being outside

Sylvie is a physiotherapist who varies between cycling and running. She prefers to go biking outside, although she also practices track cycling and spinning. “I love being outside, no matter what the season. My bike allows me to discover so many new places.” In 2015, Sylvie rode about 10.000 kilometers and she wants to do the same in 2016. “It will be a challenge, however, to combine my new project with my bike rides.” Sylvie mostly goes cycling in the Flemish Ardennes and the Ardennes. But she already has Alpe d’Huez on her record and dreams of climbing the Mont Ventoux.

Time to chat

“I love variation. Sometimes I go cycling on my own, other times I might be joining a group. When I’m alone, I get to decide how fast or how slow I go. In a group I often push my boundaries, which is a good thing. And I wouldn’t want to miss the chitchatting with the other ladies!”

About being a model for Little Black Bike:

“I feel grateful that Angélique asked me to be a model for her clothing line. The great thing about Little Black Bike is that we’re all “real” women: housewives and working ladies, big as well as small,… It’s such an honor to be a part of this honest and ambitious project!”

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