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Sara Geysels has been following professional cycling for years, especially the Flemish classics and the Tour de France. In 2015, she started cycling herself. “I was moving from Turnhout to Ghent, and cycling seemed the ideal way to get to know people in a totally new city. I bought myself a second-hand bike and I went on great bike adventures!”

The group spirit gives me wings

Sara almost never goes cycling on her own. “Since the beginning of my ‘cycling career’, I have been a member of the cycling club Robocyclo from Ghent. Last year, I went on a cycling holiday with them to the Pyrenees. It was my first high-altitude experience, and it was fantastic. I will never forget that moment when I reached the top of Col du Tourmalet after a tough climb. This year, I am participating in the 1000 km of ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ (‘Fight against Cancer’) with the Little Black Bike team for the third time. This event has an amazing atmosphere, and the group spirit gives me wings on my bike! ”

Discovering new places

“I like cycling because it is a good way to discover new surroundings and places. On the bike, I can clear my head while enjoying beautiful landscapes. Sometimes it is really draining, but the satisfaction afterwards is all the greater! It’s just part of it. I hope that in the future I can occasionally go on a cycling holiday. Discovering another country on the bike together with my boyfriend seems like a lot of fun.”

Looking good on the bike

Sara is still riding the second-hand bike with which she started cycling at the time. “I’m maintaining it well, and am very happy with it. I also take great care of my bicycle accessories - helmet, shoes, water bottle - so that I can continue to use them for a long time. I think it’s really important to have a fun cycling kit. Everyone wants to look beautiful, even on the bike. I like sober outfits without many bells and whistles. Like those of Little Black Bike: fun and high-quality outfits that you want to be seen in. I think it is an honour to be one of the faces of this brand! ”

Enjoying every ride

Sara tries to go cycling once a week, but this depends on how busy she is in the hostel where she works. “There are weeks when it doesn't work out, but other weeks I manage to go cycling twice without much effort. I am not worried about it; I mainly want to enjoy every ride. I also don't get put off if I think my pace is slower than that of the rest of the group. You know, most women don't mind adjusting their speed so that everyone can keep up. Together, we can take on so much more! ”

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