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Martine Vlassenbroeck was a passionate runner until repeated injuries made her look for another sport. “I started mountain-biking with my husband. A few years later I also bought a race bike. I couldn’t have thought that cycling would change my life this much,” Martine tells. 


Martine works part-time in a bank and she has a second occupation as real-estate stylist. “My busy agenda doesn’t give me much time to relax. But I deliberately make time for it because I really need it. Cycling is pure me-time. While other people relax in the couch or go to a wellness centre, I jump on my bike. During the weekend I often go cycling. In summer I ride with a club, in winter I stay in shape by mountain-biking or by using my bike rolls at home. I also go power-training at the fitness centre.” 

Active cycling holiday

Martine’s husband is her usual ‘compagnon de route’. “We often go cycling together: perfect quality time for the two of us! I prefer an active cycling holiday over a sun-sea-beach vacation. It gives me so much more enjoyment and satisfaction! I always try to aim higher so that I stay focused and motivated.” 

New friends, big changes

“Biking really changed me. It made me flourish and I became much more social. I used to be quite timid, you know. In the beginning I didn’t belong to a club. It was a big step for me to join a Ladies Fun Sports cycling trip all by myself. But it turned out that a lot of women were there on their own, like me. We are now friends who share the same passion for cycling.” 

Martine about being a model for Little Black Bike

“Women like to ride their bike in a nice outfit, don’t they? For me it’s important that my clothes match my bike, which isn’t always easy as I belong to a club… I adore the outfits of Little Black Bike. I’m so glad to be a part of this story. It’s positive that Angélique chooses for ‘real women’ as models. I’m not a mannequin but that doesn’t matter at all. This is without a doubt a boost for my self-confidence!”

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