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Laura Blancquaert has always been sporty. “As a child, I dabbled in a bit of all sports. I studied Physical Education, and, after my studies, I occasionally started going along with my college friends when they went cycling together. I had my doubts about whether I would like it, but I soon discovered how relaxing cycling is.”

Together on the road

Laura prefers to go cycling in groups. “I am a social sportswoman. I like to be on the road with others and have beautiful moments together. We go cycling together with a number of friends: I love it!” In addition to cycling, Laura regularly puts on her running shoes. “I have already run two marathons. I still enjoy walking and do it often.  For example, I’m participating in the Antwerp 10 Miles. In the winter, I cycle a little less and I walk more. When the weather gets better, you’ll find me on the bike more often. I also try to swim a bit more because I want to do a (quarter) triathlon in the summer.”

Pure relaxation

“Cycling is a wonderful sport because it really is relaxing. On the bike, I can completely get away from it all for a few hours. We often make a trip out of it; for example, we go cycling to the sea and stop on the way for some delicious  food and something to drink. That makes it extra fun! I also try to take my bike with me when I travel. I’ve already been cycling in the Ardèche with friends and that was magnificent! Anyway, I like an active vacation; sitting down all day and doing nothing is not for me.”

Pushing boundaries

Another reason why Laura loves cycling is because it allows her to push her limits. “A tough climb is hard, no matter how fit you are. But it is very satisfying to successfully complete a challenge. Then you quickly forget the pain! In June, I want to participate in the climb of Stelvio with Climbing For Life. I am curious if I will succeed, but I am looking forward to pushing another boundary!“ Laura only does sports for herself and her own pleasure: “I am not competitive at all. Sometimes, men come along with our group and I notice more macho behaviour among them. ”

A cool cycling outfit: yes, please!

I used to find almost exclusively male sportswear in sports shops. I think it's super that today more and more brands are focusing on women. We also want to look good on the bike, in a comfortable outfit! The Little Black Bike collection is completely my thing. A nice cycling outfit is an extra motivation for me to get out on my bike often.”

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