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Katrien Vandewalle works as a part-time postwoman. In her free time, she likes being creative and refurbishing old furniture. She became passionate about cycling thanks to her husband, a duathlete/triathlete. For the past 7 years, Katrien has been biking very intensively. Each year, she rides about 15.000 kilometers. On top of that, she’s a spinning teacher in Drongen (near Gent). Her husband convinced her to become a Little Black Bike model. Katrien is very proud that, as a 50-plusser, she can be a brand ambassador.

On the road together

As Katrien has a flexible work schedule, she has plenty of time to ride her bike. If the weather allows, she jumps on her bike every day during her off-duty week. In summer, she also goes cycling during the work week. “My holidays are all about cycling as well. My husband and I plan our trips carefully so that we can ride our bikes. In this way, we discover places we otherwise wouldn’t come to see.”

Competitive spirit

“The fun thing about cycling is that the more I do it, the better I become at it and the more I’m loving it. I also feel flattered by the fact that I can ride along with “the fast ones” now. I’m becoming more and more competitive!”

Katrien’s goal for 2016 is to participate in the Ename Classic and some cycling tours abroad (La Charly Gaul, La Ronde Picardie) and to ride the 1000 kilometers against cancer. Every year, she picks a fresh challenge that preferably includes some serious climbing. She has once won La Ronde Picardie, which she still remembers very well. Who knows she can make it to the podium again this year?

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