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Ine Bruggeman has a busy job as an event and project manager. She often works late and deals with a lot of deadlines. “I deliberately block ‘relaxation moments’ in my agenda to clear my head. Cycling gives me some much-needed rest,” she tells enthusiastically about her love for cycling. 

Bikers’ high: it exists!

“I’ve always loved biking. It became my passion when I started taking spinning classes at the age of 18. While doing sports I want to sweat so that I feel I’m making some serious efforts. Therefore cycling is the perfect sport for me. It’s a pity that many people dislike sports because they think it makes them tired. A big misunderstanding because doing sports gives you so much energy while increasing your resistance! Cycling made me leaner, stronger and more focused in life. It just makes me happy! I’ve already experienced that heavenly ‘bikers’ high’ feeling a few times so I can confirm that it does exist!” 

Freedom & happiness

“The fun thing about cycling – just like running, which I also do regularly – is that I can do it whenever I want. I can follow a training schedule or ‘just go for a ride’ to relax after a hard day at work. I get to choose the moment and the intensity of my bike rides myself. Cycling takes quite some time, unlike running, but I love to make time for it.” The social aspect of cycling is equally important for Ine. “Nothing beats the cold beer that you can sip after a few hours of suffering on your bike!” 

Atmosphere on the road

Ine usually rides with some friends but she also likes to cycle in a large group. “During an organised tour there’s a lot of atmosphere on the road, which makes it so much fun. The warmer the temperature, the more I love to cycle. So it’s evident that I prefer Southern Europe for Belgium. In the previous years, I took off to France with some friends twice. The first time we climbed the Mont Ventoux, the year after we conquered la Marmotte. Unforgettable!” 

Ine about being a model for Little Black Bike

A stylish cycling outfit is a must for Ine. “I prefer it in neutral colors, short and breezy. I’m glad that Angélique asked me to be a model for Little Black Bike because I want to share my love for my bike with others.”

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