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For Evelien De Stoop, cycling is the ideal way to clear her head. “I have a demanding job, so I sometimes need to get away from the bustle. I find peace on the bike. It takes me to surprising places, and I get to explore new horizons. Cycling gives me so much energy! ”

Enjoying a shared passion

Evelien bought her racing bike 7 years ago. A fairly impulsive decision, she says: “I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my dad, who has been an avid cyclist for years. I had big plans, but not much came of them. I started walking more than cycling, because it is easier to schedule in. Also, you don't need that much gear to walk.” So when did her steel steed steal her heart? “When I met my partner Tim. He is also a cyclist so it's nice that we can share our passion. We regularly go out on trips and take the bike, for example, to the Moselle (Germany), the Champagne region (France), the Belgian coast or the Ardennes (Belgium). These trips are a combination of excursions, good food, walking and cycling. Awesome!”

Making mental pictures

“I definitely try to go cycling once a week, depending on my schedule. I don't put too much pressure on myself. My motto is that I want to have fun while exercising. Enjoy every moment! My tip for other cycling women is to try to take "mental pictures" during a nice ride. You can use these when you’re struggling a bit.”

Climbing Mont Ventoux

Evelien has already achieved some amazing sporting feats. “I have already done a quarter triathlon, climbed Mont Blanc on foot and cycled to the top of Mont Ventoux twice. My first climb of Mont Ventoux is my best cycling memory so far. I did this with a female friend. We had worked towards it through all kinds of weather. The trip to Bédoin, the surroundings, the atmosphere, the satisfaction and, yes, the many glasses of rosé afterwards: I will never forget it! ”

Sporting challenges

Evelien would like to go on an organised cycling trip. She’s also dreaming of a cycling holiday with her family when the children are a little older. “I need challenges to stay motivated. I’m not using a fixed training schedule. I check my Strava after a training or competition, but I’m not intensively focused on time, heart rate, power and other numbers.” 

Stylish and comfortable outfit

Evelien believes that bicycle comfort is vital. “Everything on my bike must be perfectly adjusted and ‘run’ well. Clothes must fit like a second skin as well as be beautiful. I am happy that there is a brand like Little Black Bike: stylish designs for strong women. I am proud to be cycling in such a beautiful outfit. When I rode up Mont Ventoux last year with a kit from Little Black Bike, I received a lot of compliments from other women!”

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