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As a pharmacist, Charlotte Meersschaut is very busy helping her customers day by day. But she tries to go biking as often as possible. “When I’m not in the pharmacy, people frequently ask “she’s biking again, isn’t she?”. My bike is my freedom, my way to relax.” Charlotte started cycling in 2012 but it wasn’t until 2015 that she really became passionate about it. She travelled with Ladies Fun Sports and started training more intensively. Occasionally she also goes swimming but in the end she always returns to her first love: her bike. Race bike, track bike, spinning bike, mountain bike: Charlotte does it all with 100% enthusiasm. 

Empty head, big heart

From the moment Charlotte jumps on her bike, she forgets all her sorrows. “My head gets empty and my heart grows bigger.” And what the heart thinks, the mouth speaks… Charlotte bursts of enthusiasm when talking about her passion. “Cycling has taught me so much in so many ways. I get to know many new people. All of us have a shared passion, which creates an immediate bond. We have interesting and inspiring conversations, not just about cycling.” 

Cycling holidays

Charlotte likes riding her bike abroad. “I discover new places on my bike. Cycling makes me smell and taste nature and fully experience a particular region.” Charlotte’s husband doesn’t cycle but it doesn’t cause problems when planning their holidays. “My husband lets me go cycling, even during our vacation, because he sees how it makes me happy and how it gives me tons of energy. When cycling, I often push my own boundaries, which makes me realize I’m capable of so much more than I actually thought.”

In 2015, Charlotte travelled to Calpe, the Dolomites and the Vosges with no other companions but her bike. Each time, she went back home with new friendships and renewed eagerness to bike. She has some nice trips planned for 2016: Bormio, the Spanish Pyrenees, Les 2 Alpes and the Eleven Cities Cycling Tour. “More, further and higher” is definitely Charlotte’s credo for this year. 

About being a model for Little Black Bike:

“I never considered myself as a model. But I really like it that Angélique chooses real, strong women with a particular charisma. I feel very honored to be one of these women. It’s a super cool initiative that has my full support!”

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