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Barbara Van Herreweghe has always been a sports lover. “Tennis, gymnastics, judo, volleyball: I’ve done it all as a kid. I used to go to school by bike and I often accelerated for fun to compete with friends who were riding with me. Back then, I already loved to go fast and I wasn’t afraid of challenges,” Barbara tells when asked how the cycling adventure started for her. 

Clear my head

Ever since graduating in accountancy, Barbara has been working as a financial consultant in a bank. “A very interesting though mainly ‘sedentary’ job, which doesn’t really match my active lifestyle. Cycling is a ‘rave’ that I need to relax and clear my head. After my studies, I started mountainbiking with some friends. They promised me I’d love it – the adventure, being outdoors, falling in the mud and getting back up – and they were so right. The only disadvantage was that I couldn’t go for longer tours with my MTB. So a while later, I bought my first racing bike.” 

New places, new people

“My husband is also a cycling aficionado. We’re on the same level and we often take off on our bikes. Sometimes we go to the Ardennes or the seaside for a weekend. And we always take our bikes on holiday – lots of amazing tours abroad are standing on our record already! My love for cycling doesn’t only bring me to wonderful places, I also get to know new people thanks to it. That’s so inspiring. I’ve joined some Ladies Fun Sports cycling trips and those were unforgettable experiences.” 

Pushing boundaries

What Barbara likes so much about cycling? “I especially love the challenges that it offers me. I’m pushing boundaries, physically as well as mentally, which makes me feel so strong. I know it sounds weird but for me suffering while climbing a steep hill is very relaxing,” she laughs. Barbara also does (quarter) triathlons, so it’s clear that she’s always in for a new challenge. 

Barbara about being a model for Little Black Bike:

“The right cycling outfit is very important for me: it has to match my bike perfectly. I prefer lots of black and neutral colours. I’m honoured to be a model for Little Black Bike. I hope my story will inspire other women to jump on their bikes and explore their boundaries.”

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