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Andrea Dibben started her ‘cycling career’ on the mountain bike. “I grew up in a small town in Georgia, where I used to ride my bike around the town after school. When I went to college, I started mountain biking. Moving to New York made me switch to road cycling. Cycling is how I relax, it is an integral part of my lifestyle in New York. 

From small town to big city

After graduating in business administration, Andrea moved to New York. “I work for a mobile advertising company. I immediately fell in love with the bustling city: there’s so much to do and I meet many interesting people! Actually I didn’t move my bike with me from Georgia. But on my first Thanksgiving, friends invited me for dinner and they let me in on their family tradition of cycling after the meal and even lent me a bike. I enjoyed it so much and they said I could keep it as a present. That’s when my passion for cycling really began. I joined a club in the city, where I learned all of the cycling etiquette, bike positioning, and maintenance. I also discovered some nice routes out of the city. I started very easily and gradually found I was able to do long difficult rides. Last year I ended up fourth in a race, I’m still figuring out what’s next. 

Team spirit and solidarity

Although Andrea loves to push her boundaries, her main reason for cycling is social contact. “In the club there’s a lot of team spirit and solidarity. Some time ago, I got hit while commuting. It was serious and I had a long recovery. That’s when I found out that my cycling friends are the best friends. They supported me, brought me fresh food… It really touched me, I even become a bit emotional when telling this!” As soon as the doctor gave her the green light, Andrea jumped on her bike again. It never crossed my mind to stop cycling because of my accident. I just don’t commute by bike anymore. I ride during the weekend outside of the city, mostly with friends from the club.” 

Contact with nature

Andrea prefers cycling in the middle of nature. “I often take a train from New York. In half an hour, I’m in a green and quiet environment. I have a busy job. I love New York but it’s nice to leave the bustle. When I’m on my bike, I want to hear the birds sing!” she laughs. She has a bike computer that she uses for statistics. “I like to see my progression but otherwise I’m not a gadget-freak. My bike is second-hand and I’m super happy with it.” 

Andrea about being a model for Little Black Bike

“I came in touch with Angélique through one of the online cycling communities that I’m part of. I like to have a nice outfit when I’m on my bike. I get more excited about my sports clothes than I do my regular clothes! I don’t see myself as some sort of inspiration for other women. But if I can bring a nice, positive story: yes please! My explanation for loving cycling to non-cyclists is that it is the perfect combination of spending the day in nature, with friends and you are morally obligated to eat loads of carbs!”

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